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Journeys and Healings of the Upper World



The Upper World is a city of crystal light, personalized in its manifestation for each Soul. It is a vast resource center, an infinite pool that holds every piece of information, within every moment of all your incarnations lived, and ALL that you are becoming.


Many traditions have been journeying here for at least 40,000 years, Thoth, a Spiritual Guru of Atlantis, wrote about The Upper World and its “Messengers of Light” within his teachings "The Emerald Tablets" dating back 35,000 years ago.


This is Heaven's front door to your Soul, your Spirit


Why do we journey?

Journeying is essential for the Soul, Spirit, Energy and Life Force. We can only grow so far on our own. To journey is to energetically travel to the many spaces beyond our Earth gravity plane and participate with what is in those spaces. We detach our energy from our bodies within the beginning stages of the journey, thus leaving our Ego and Mind behind.  I, The Shaman, can travel anywhere because I know and understand the maps of the labyrinth of the cosmos.

To journey on a daily basis is Spiritual Nourishment for the Soul. The Soul desires growth, movement and expansion. It is wonderful to participate, to feel and see it; it makes our lives richer in essence, and it is vital for our growth and expansion.



The Maps to the Upper World


There are 2 paths to the Upper World; one takes you through the Bardo Planes to the Ancestral World and then to the Upper World, (only trained Shamans take this path), the other takes you directly to the Ancestral Plane and then to the Upper World, way above the Upper World, you can journey higher and higher until you disappear and become one with Infinity.

The  Ancestral Plane

This Plane is where your Soul is available to access, to call upon your Celestial Parents; they reside in the Cosmos, The Everything (as the aborigines call it). They are your Spiritual Parents and they have witnessed your journeys on Earth within every single incarnation that you lived, they also witness your Life between Lives in your heavenly HOME, The Ancestral Plane. In short they know every single moment of all your lives lived, and the complete essence of your Soul.


The Upper World

This is the Plane where Spirit dwells, The Divine,  angels and archangels, the complete Self that never incarnated into Time, holding the knowing of all that you are becoming, and your 8-10 Soul Team Members, who guide you towards your destinies. From here you can journey to the Sun, your Father, sit beside the Moon, your grandmother, and play with the Stars, your Brothers and Sisters; journeying even higher you can disappear and become one with infinity.



Journeys and Healings


Your Higher Self is the complete essence of what you are, Eternal Light and Love that never incarnated into Time. We are experiencing an unconscious dream state in Time on this Earth. The Ascension Process is The Shift into a conscious dream state, moving you from the 3rd dimension into the 4th and 5th dimensions. The Ascension Process involves the undoing of your Ego based thought system; your Shadow thoughts and moving you into your Higher Self thought based system, which is what you naturally are Love.  


The Journey to meet your Higher Self

You will be guided on a journey to the Ancestral Plain, the 4th tier of the Upper World to connect with your Celestial Parents. They will guide you one more tier higher to the 5th plain of the Upper World to meet God/Spirit, who will take your to your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self is the complete essence of what you are. Eternal Light and Love created by God/Spirit that lives in Heaven. This connection will start to awaken you from your dream state to the remembering of what you truly are and where you truly are. Sit and create a relationship with yourself, learn who you are. Feel the Love, Peace, Joy and Stillness of you in your natural home in Heaven.


Journey to meet your Celestial Parents

You will be guided on a journey to the Ancestral Plain, the 4th tier of the Upper World. Your Celestial Parents reside in the Cosmos accessed from this Plain. They were given to you by the Grace of Heaven itself to assist you along your life’s journeys. They have known your Soul through every single moment within every single incarnation, past, present and future. They hold the knowing of your Sacred Agreements and Contracts for each incarnation you designed and agreed to fulfill along your path of awakening to enlightenment.

They can offer guidance in any way to assist you with everything in your life. They also guide you to the 5th Plain of the Upper World. There is much here: Your Soul Team,  Akashic Record holders, future incarnations, Higher Self, some of your Spirit and Animal guides and God/Spirit.  




Healing the Loss of a Pet

The unexpected sudden loss of a pet will throw you into emotional shell shock, with so many unanswered questions and thoughts. Did I do something wrong?  Why did my pet die?  Why did my pet leave?  Why wasn’t I there to comfort the pet?  Maybe I could have prevented it?  Is it my fault?  I was not there to say goodbye.

The Shaman will journey to the Animal Plane and locate your pet, and a dialogue of communication will be initiated between you and your pet. This is the space that you can ask your pet everything you need to know, and say anything that you need that you were not able to before the loss, the death. This creates the beginning of closure so you can heal. The Shaman will also track the energy for any Soul Retrievals required (in cases of accidents, Soul Loss occurs). Please also see pet loss testimonial written by JB.


Healing the Loss of a Person

Death in itself is huge; the unexpected sudden loss, death of a person we care about will render us immobile. To be able to start to heal from this we all have a need to understand why it occurred. We have too many unanswered questions and thoughts. Did I do something wrong?  Have I been bad, and God took this person away from me?  If I had been there I could have stopped it?  Why was I not there?  How am I to go on?  Will I ever be ok.again?  I never got to say goodbye, I never got to say, "I Love You."

The Shaman will journey to locate the person, and a dialogue of communication will be initiated between you and the person. This is the space where you can have all your questions answered, and you can ask questions you need for your understanding of why they left. This is where closure can be met; closure is crucial to healing.  With an unexpected sudden death it is rare that the Soul, Spirit, Energy naturally gravitate directly HOME. The person could be stuck in this World, or in the Bardo Planes. The gift is that the person’s Soul, Spirit Energy can be sent HOME by The Shaman. (Please see testimonial written by Llen) The Shaman will also track the energy for any Soul Retrievals (in cases of unexpected sudden deaths, and traumas Soul Loss occurs).



Journey to meet Spirit/God-The Divine

You will be guided on a journey to the Upper World, where you will call upon The God of your understanding to come forth. This is the space where you energetically touch the Face of Spirit/God, The Divine, and start to build a Spiritual Relationship of consistent journeying and communication. It serves your Soul, which serves your Life Purpose and all that is encompassed within this purpose.