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Testimonials - The Shaman in Charleston, SC



I was fortunate to be led to consult with Chi in Feb. 2009. I contacted her because our son was diagnosed with PDD (Autism Spectrum) was suffering from severe aggression and anxiety and our home was anything but peaceful. After consulting with Chi for the first time, we saw immediate results- for the first time in months we were able to play with our son without conflict. This caused a massive stress reduction in our family. Our son has seen Chi 2-3 times since his initial meeting, and each time he improves. He is now in a normal kindergarten class and is doing very well. We believe in Chi and her gift so much that both my husband and I (whom were initially skeptical) have had sessions with her too - all with great results. Chi has also cleared our home of lost souls that needed to find their way home, which has had a massive impact on our family. We were hearing noises, things slamming on counters, toys going off etc. since we moved into our home. Since we had that done our home feels so much more relaxed and comfortable. I would definitely recommend Chi as she is not only a wonderful person; she is a very powerful Shaman.

--Catherine Keller



One Year after the untimely death at such a tender young age of my daughter Libly, I consulted with Chi. Libly left the house to go and get her paycheck, I was dozing in the recliner and did not get the opportunity to tell her out loud “ I Love You”. I never saw her again. She was 23 years old.


For me, I really needed to know what really happened the night of her death. I had been given the runaround by the police, they gave me their details of her death, but nothing added up. I knew it was not the truth. With everything else I did not know what I was feeling, I was dead. The vultures then came around, took their money, gave me nothing in the way of help, and left me monetarily broke and more spiritually broken. Chi tracked, and journeyed back, one year back in time to the night/early morning of my daughter’s death. She witnessed the event as it unfolded (like a movie). She saw the place, what happened, who was there and why it happened. Chi saw the person who hurt my daughter, which caused her death.


This helped me breathe again release the unknown, and I experienced the only person who made the death of my daughter important; this was the beginning of closure. She came in with Love and Truth, she spoke the Truth, because she witnessed the event for what it was. No one else cared, she cared. 2 years later I was guided by Spirit/God to visit the person who hurt Libly, and was able to forgive him. I would not have made it through if Chi was not able to see what happened the night of her death, and the reasons why, and the persons involved.


Chi called me one day, said that Libly was in her house and was asking to be sent home (Heaven/Ancestral Plain). I went to her house. Chi tracked me and Libly and found a cord between us which was keeping her stuck in this World/Earth (Chi explained that this is what people refer to as Ghosts). Chi removed the cord between us and I was able to finally tell Libly “I Love You”. We communicated back and forth for a little while and when all was complete; Chi tracked her again and performed a Soul Retrieval, and then sent my daughter Home, The Ancestral World.  



Having you guide my Spirit through this life has been truly a blessing. My Spirit had become lost and burdened by the recent economy and choices in my life. Thank you for speaking between my guides and God. With you help I am back on course and being guided every day. Thank you again for your Light and Energy. You are a very gifted Shaman.



I recently went through a very difficult time with an ill pet, and Chi was amazing. She first took my Stuey on a journey the night before he was scheduled for euthanization, so that we would be able to better find his way when the time came. She also gave him two soul retrievals, and most importantly, removed a cord that connected him to me to allow him to move forward to the Upper World.


Chi then accompanied me to euthanize my dear bunny in his last hours, and stayed with him during the procedure. After the vet was finished, Chi journeyed with my beloved Stuey to show him his way home, and make sure he was not lost while having the effects of the drugs confuse him. She was so kind and tender, and made the experience so much easier than it would have been otherwise. I am forever grateful to her for this amazing gift of her services. Every other pet I have lost, I have felt so much grief and had so much trouble letting go. Somehow, this journeying that Chi did changed all of that. She also said that the cord being removed was probably what helped with my grief. Whatever it was that she did, I felt very much at peace with his passing, and much less grief than I'd ever experienced, despite the vast amount of love I had for him and always will have for him. Thank you, Chi, you are truly wonderful. I strongly recommend anyone who is about to lose a loved one, furry or human, to utilise Chi's services to assist with their transition.



My experience in speaking with Chi, by telephone, for a past life reading was indeed a freeing one.
Although I have never met her in person, Chi seemed to tap into an energy force that was incredibly personal from the moment she began speaking.

She gave me a past life reading that has removed energy blocks both spiritual and physically.
As Chi spoke I quietly jotted down notes.

Her wise words have enhanced my life’s journey, and for this I am grateful to Chi.
I urge you to look back and go forward.

--Rose Cirigliano, Freelance writer



A year and a half ago I had come to find myself in a malaise and a very dark place. I was heart broken several times over. I had been betrayed and sabotaged at my job. I had lost my sense of self, purpose and peace. I had begun to draw into myself and shut everyone and everything out. Further more my body became stricken with intense anxiety, fatigue and insomnia and an inability to breathe. It was the dismay that no amount of medicine, therapy or abusive addiction could cure. I had lost my way in the world, so I decided to leave it all behind. I had come to Charleston to escape that life and to heal, but what I needed was something that Western Medicine and Thought could not provide.

Call it Divine Intervention, but I met Chi on an airplane the day I left the life I knew and the city I loved behind. I wasn’t sure what to make of this woman who sat beside me and spoke unabashed with such vigor of the Four Winds Society (a school for Shamans) she had attended. She was full of excitement and wonder and I sat and listened in awe as the raw emotions of leaving my career, my friends, and the name I had made for myself (whatever that means) FELL AWAY. I did not know at that time exactly what a Shaman did, let alone that I needed one to intervene in my life. But on that day I was open – to listen and to learn – and that was all that was required. Little did I know that the journey that began that day would last much longer than a 2 hour flight to my new home in Charleston and this Shaman would become my guide in a new city and a trusted confidant.

It was many months before I phoned Chi to begin our sessions. I admittedly had second thoughts about the bold new steps I was taking to transform my life, and how this path with a Shaman did not quite align with my Christian upbringing. But I believe there was more to God and to this world that we had been taught. So I found myself in the counsel and company of a Shaman, whose warmth and protection you feel immediately. With Soul Retrievals, Entity removals, Generational Curse removals, Solid Extraction removals, and a remarkable Spirit Flight, Chi had released my heart and mind from the baggage I have carried with me for 30 years. My work with Chi has allowed me a new lease on life, a grounded perspective, and a hopeful outlook. I have regained a sense of purpose for contributing to our world, to live differently and to work circumspectly, to accept our journey’s for what they are – chosen lessons, to forgive others and oneself, and to be grateful, as we are all on the same spiritual path.

Chi has been blessed with an enormous gift to heal that she cradles in honesty and compassion. What she does takes great courage and skill and an immeasurable love for humanity. She is patient, she is kind, and she is genuine and real. I trust her with my life and I am thankful for her.





Before meeting Chi several years ago, I had come to understand the basics of my body's energy. I had done some chakra work because it all made sense to me; the simple physics of energy and it's flow, its every changing form and the effect on my body and consequently my life.

What I did not realize was the effect on my body and every day life I was experiencing from previous emotional injuries and negative energy from others in the form of Curses and Cords attached without my permission or knowledge.

Without insight into these negative energies and help from the Higher vibrations and knowledge of a trained and talented Shaman, my life and its energy were not entirely my own, and therefore out of my conscious influence. From the beginning of my work with Chi, I felt within my body and its energy, a SHIFT. It was like turning on a tap - my energy was no longer blocked, my thoughts and actions became MY OWN. My relationships became crystal clear to me. I had for the first time in my life the energy, clarity of thought and emotions, but more importantly, the understanding to deal with each one as I knew in my heart it MUST be handled. Shaman work for me cleared my energy and opened my heart. Now every action, thought and  energy comes and goes from my heart. To me there is no more as important work to be done for oneself or our world.

--Danni Cole


My faith and conviction that a person can be cured in the realm of energy and spirit have been totally confirmed. I am so grateful to have found Chi, a very gifted shaman totally dedicated to healing. My love/hate issues with all members of my family are healing because I am no longer angry with them. I can think about my parents without feeling blame, shame, anguish and sorrow. I got my sister back after 55 years of anger and separation. I am in the process of healing my relationship with my brother so my issues with him and other men in my past are slowly subsiding. My sessions with Chi have cleared the ‘not so healthy’ encoding in my soul and therefore have changed my life. I have been given a new sense of hope and courage that I can actually attain a life worth living.

-- Kathleen/Charleston, SC