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3 Week Shaman Workshop
in Charleston, SC


Connecting with Your Soul Team

Our evolution as Souls is to be fully awake, conscious of our Spiritual Agreements, and connected to the Divine, our Celestial Parents and our Soul Team. We Journey to these Higher Plains, the Ancestral World and The Upper World to build a relationship, and a connection of understanding and remembering what our Soul Agreements are and the reasons we chose Life. These agreements are our Spiritual Contracts for our Life, our Soul’s Purpose.


This 3 week course is designed by The Shaman to awaken your soul and build these relationships, find this connectedness, and gain understanding about our Soul's Purpose.


The first week you will be guided on a journey to the Ancestral Plain, the Fourth Tier of The Upper World. There, you will meet your Celestial Parents, who have known your Soul through every single incarnation. They will remind you of your Sacred Agreements/Contracts for this life. From there, you will be guided on a journey to the Upper World, where you will meet and talk to The Divine, and the first of your 8 Soul Team Members. Each week, for 2 weeks, you will be guided on journeys to the Upper World to meet and dialogue with your new Soul Team members.

The purpose of your Soul Team is to assist you with guidance to achieve your Destinies, which are based from your Spiritual Agreements/Contracts. These Soul Team Members hold certain attributes such as teaching, grace, aliveness, power, sanctuary, creativity, and adventure. One of your Soul Team members holds the knowing of “Infinite Possibilities for you.”


You set forth the intention to envision the world you choose into being, you create the reality you want, and then you create the self that lives in that reality.  This is the time, within the Great Shift that we are called to merge and co-create.


Please contact Chi if you want to experience this
and she will schedule it for you.
Cost $50 per week.


Read more about the Upper World here!




Connecting with your Masters, Teachers, Guides and Loved Ones


A Personal Akashic Records Reading, Opening, and Channeling in Charleston, SC

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an all inclusive collection of your entire Soul's Journey through every single incarnation that you have experienced anywhere in the Universe.  Every single moment of any thought, feeling, action, decision - past or present, and all your future possibilities are held in Heaven's Light, which is a holographic blueprint of your consciousness that you are traveling through. Your Masters, Teachers, Guides and Loved Ones gladly extend any information for you.  I call them The Messengers Of Light.


What benefit do they have for us?

God's Divine Love since the beginning of time has provided us with infinite resources to guide us along our Soul Journeys. God's Messengers of Light are his Sacred Gift to us. Our consciousness is desiring Truth at this time in our evolution. The Akashic Records offer us Truth. Your Messengers of Light know your Soul completely and greatly assist you with answers to your questions, opening up your understanding of your life. This includes past, present and future, giving you essential information in seeing any situation with wider vision of clarity. Your consciousness then shifts, opening you up to a higher level in how to effectively move through.


Receiving answers gives you a sense of peace, and a spiritual empowerment, filled with Love, compassion and gratitude which can be anchored in Grace.


As your consciousness continues to shift you become more awake, and are open to receiving guidance at any moment in your day. The overall plan of your Soul, is to become completed awakened, which is perfect union with God at all times. Then we can enter the next part of our evolution which is re-entering into The Oneness that we are.


The ultimate destination of your Soul's Journey is Heaven. Your consciousness will be replaced by Knowing, and you will completely re-enter into the Oneness that we are.


What we are looking to accomplish?

We are a composition of Divine Love created by God, our authentic Self/Soul is connected to God in Heaven. A long time ago we  created another self, a separated consciousness that we accepted was truly who we are. This consciousness was a thought form that introduced dreams and illusions, a mis-perceived separateness which is the opposite of Truth. 


Your Messengers of Light offer you Truth which re-introduces the authentic Self/Soul that God created, letting go of any Illusions of separation. We awaken by undoing the lower self that we made. Your Messengers of Light that hold your Akashic Records can help you do this.



If you would like an Akashic Records Reading please Contact Chi for a session. Cost $85 per hour.



Jesus said that if a  man requests food, feed his Soul, shifting the consciousness into Truth. The body is the Illusion of “lack and scarcity”. The Self/Soul is Divine Love which has “Everything”