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A Gathering of Souls for
A Course In Miracles scribed by
The Foundation For Inner Peace,
held in Charleston, SC


For those of us that have found our selves at our turning point, I extend one of the most insightful inspiring ways to Awaken. This book “ A Course In Miracles” can answer all  questions ever raised in your mind about your dreaming and your Illusions in your perceived incarnations. It also gives you all the guidance to return you to Right Mind which is Inner Peace.

The Kingdom of Heaven Is You


Our Life is our Light our Soul that was created by GOD. We are in HEAVEN. WE never left. We had ONE thought that rendered ourselves unconscious which created part wrong mind. That part of us is dreaming. This earth as we see it from The Ego's projection in our unconscious dream is not real - it is a picture in a dream while we sleep. Our Right Mind that God created is in Heaven; it can be nowhere else. The Course shifts what is  not real and restores you to Inner Peace.


It will rise you from the ashes of nothingness and Awaken you into the remembrance of what you truly are which is Enlightenment.

There is nothing unreal that can exist


It would appear that we believe we are born into a body that is our life. We come in with an Ego in our unconscious asleep minds, saying “Welcome to my orchestrated dream for you”. The Ego determines the degrees of control, harm and joy. The Ego has to shift the degrees of control and harm in our many incarnations, so one life can appear joyful, the next not. It does this to ensure we don't catch on that “something is not right”. In our unconscious asleep minds are unconscious Ego beliefs which manifest against OUR WILL, and we walk through the dream of life, sometimes thinking, doing, saying, feeling strange things. (In this arena any thought, emotion, feeling or action is the Ego talking to itself – We innocently think it is us). Then we pull in “pretending”, which the world sees as The Persona, my gosh, we have to cover all this "stuff", or we will be judged. At a tender age we then learn what appears to be a freedom from this pain, and we unconsciously Project it all onto anything outside of us. This is how the strange dream perpetuates itself and keeps itself seemingly Alive.


The Ego dreams are based in thoughts of scarcity, loss, life and death, held in the foundation that we separated ourselves from God and each other. The Ego projections show us a world of momentary happenings within a very long journey wrapped up in a collective unconscious pattern of wrong thoughts which seemingly amasses a vast amount of UNREAL power. We are the dreamers of the dream that only allow us to see , until we Awaken, the opposite to Heavens' Love. This is more apparent to those that have had a strange Ego dream. The dreams that have been allowed for  “nicer” illusions, these dreamers have no reason in this incarnation to think “something is not right”. We are all called into Awakening, for each Soul it will occur when everything is perfectly placed in accordance with the Grace of Heaven.

Forgiveness is the deepest healing we can extend to
ourselves and each other


There are 7 billion people dreaming, within the vast majority of all of us no one single person can look at anything and see the same as the other. This is the separation trick from the Ego. When we realize this TRUTH, we have the capabilities of disengaging from a possible conflict; if we do get caught in it, this is the next stage of a trap from The Ego. The Course will gracefully guide you through how not to step into the trap in showing you how to release judgment and to forgive everything. Within relationships of any kind you can then extend the Light that you are, this is Heavens' Love. The Holy Spirit shines away any conflict and all you have to do is be the true Self that you already are.



The Course is a shift in complete miss-perception, this is the purpose; a return to Inner Peace.  The first stage is you have to recognize the Ego playing field you are in. The traps and tricks that are presented. It is always and invitation, but at any point you can decline to enter in. So, How on Earth do We Shift? This is where the Holy Spirit enters the dream upon your request. This is the voice of knowing that will lead you out of the dream. This will align all our separated minds to right perception, so we can look upon all things and see the same. This is the gathering of all our minds back into the Oneness that WE ARE, which undoes the miss-perception of separation. We go from unconscious wrong minded dreaming to conscious right minded dreaming which is the path to Awakening, Inner Peace, (our recognition of Atonement) and Enlightenment. The final part in the  Atonement, God does this for us, the complete re-entering into the ONENESS, which is our natural Home, which is HEAVEN.

We are All The Light for The World


We have moved into a turning point within our Collective Consciousness, HEAVEN'S LOVE is here and available. There are many walking this right minded path, our numbers amass LIGHT Power which is LOVE. For whom ever chooses, Awakening is here, and I am here as a Light to walk with you through, because I have chosen The Holy Spirit as my guide, my voice.

Your choice to allow Holy Spirit thoughts into your mind
is your Power


This Course gently aligns you from wrong minded perception to right minded perception. This is done through your forgiveness of all you see. The Holy Spirit is in your mind, between the Ego and Spirit, it is your mediator and holds favor to Spirit. Within your forgiveness it shifts your miss-perceptions, and The Holy Spirit lifts the veils of darkness that were made to cover your Light. This is how your world starts to change; from your inside. Our Holy Spirit guided dreams are based in our natural thoughts, Abundance and Heavenly Love.

Love never forces, the darkness simply disappears,
because you choose to change your mind


You will let rise the unconscious Ego driven wrong minded beliefs. They are viewed by you, forgiven by you and undone by The Holy Spirit. The Course in Miracles will guide you through. You will Awaken out of fear based beliefs, because you are doing deep truth work, one layer at time. You are never alone. From the Holy Spirit to all of Heaven. You are walking the path upward with Jesus Home. He came to tell us, 'He is the Way', he did this by showing us. He gave us a gift, the awakening to ourselves of The Christ consciousness that is seeded in our minds. This is pure vision and hearing, the shift from perception to knowledge. This is our NATURAL state. 

Our purpose is to find our Self


The Course sets you in motion to find your Self, to extend Heavens' Love, which is the opposite of the unconscious dream love that The Ego made. This shifts us from projecting fear, in all its forms from the Ego, which we have been doing in our innocence of our not-knowing and remembering our true Self. The Holy Spirit uses each individuals dream and uses it in a way to best serve each one of us for the greater good to find our Self. During your reading The Course you will be shifted from fear, because your fear thoughts are undone by The Holy Spirit. As you see any fear thought running through you mind, you simply forgive that thought. Through your forgiveness The Holy Spirit lifts the veils of  darkness that were made to cover your Self, your Light. Then you extend Heavens' Love, because you now have Heavens' Love thoughts available in your mind from The Holy Spirit. We extend from the Holy Spirit the truth to everything.


When you find your Self,  you give of the Soul, which is
Heaven's Love


Insightful Books:

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"Awakening from the Dream" - Gloria Wapnick
"Anna, The Grandmother of Jesus" - Claire Heartsong
"Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes" - Claire Heartsong



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"When we can get past our five senses, and KNOW that there is much more out there. Then we open ourselves up to a different level, of seeing and experiencing the TRUTH that IS OUT THERE. Everything is ALIVE, and things catch our attention for they are here to teach and expand us, even down to a blade of grass. It is then, when we approach life within this TRUTH that we are able to KNOW what it is that we really came here to experience."