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Shaman Workshops
Natural Healing and Soul Awakening
in Charleston, SC

If you are interested in any of these workshops, please contact Chi.


SHAMAN CLEARING -  Healing our karmic family ties, disengaging from the Ancestral patterns, limiting beliefs and wounds.  We are connected to our biological family within their unhealed stories and wounds that recreate themselves generation after generation. You will be guided through a process of forgiveness and gratitude, to the family member(s); you will then have the opportunity to step into the knowing of the lessons and the gifts. From there you will Honor and release the situation and person(s), which clears the karma of 7 generations. Within this time frame of The Great Shift, and the Ascension Process we are all being called to release these Old Family Ties.




Shifting the perception of loss; opening up our awareness to the spiritual script and its gifts. Life is an adventure; a journey of the Soul and Spirit. Before incarnation we designed all our situations, events, and meetings with others. These are our contracts and our destinies for our Soul’s Journey, based within the premise of our evolutionary spiritual growth of empowering ourselves, our Soul. Before our Soul entered our body in utero, our Soul chose a new cycle of life - based from our previous incarnations, thus our Soul created our new destinies. Our Soul then went before The Three Daughters of Necessity; (the weavers and spinners of our destinies). Klotho spun our Soul’s thread (time line) of destiny, Lachesis measured the time required for our Soul’s destinies, and Atropos weaved in the time our Soul’s thread (time line) needed to be cut. Our Soul then walked through the Plain of Forgetfulness and drank from the River of Unmindfulness. Our Soul then forgot all it had agreed to. (If we knew at every turn what was about to happen, it would not be an adventure, and we would know our difficulties lying ahead of us and try to avoid them).



We will hold our human heart with its feelings of the loss, while also holding the space of knowing that we spiritually scripted the experience to learn and grow. If we let this truth penetrate the depths of our Soul, we feel the weight of the world slip off our shoulders. We then enter into a field of grace, where we can witness, watching the event play itself out, not adding fuel to the fire, by projecting our hurt into the world, because we understand the nature of it. We then connect with Spirit, and set the intention to search inside of ourselves what we are most afraid of. We will explore these fears that arise inside of you; these are the keys that unlock what needs to be healed. This is the beginning of your path to self empowerment, which is your gift. Learning any lessons puts us in the place of Wisdom, so we don’t have to create a similar situation again.



SHAMAN TRAVELS - A guided journey to the Lower World to meet, talk to, and retrieve a lost Soul Part. We lose soul parts when we are faced with a traumatic situation; they leave our energetic system as a form of protection, because our psyches cannot endure the full extent of the trauma. These soul parts do not usually return on their own, because they do not know the trauma is over; this is why we journey to retrieve them.


You will be guided on a journey, leaving this reality, and your energy will enter the non-ordinary Middle World, where you will call upon your Spirit Guide to take you to the Lower World; you state your intention to your Spirit Guide, and then follow him/her. Your Spirit Guide will lead you to your soul part that is ready to return. You are then able to speak with your soul part letting it know that the trauma is over and reassuring it that it is safe to return to you; asking it what its quality of strength is that will assist in your life’s journey. You will then pull it into your energetic system, welcoming it home. Your Spirit Guide will then lead you back to the non-ordinary Middle World, and then you will return to the earthly plain.


SHAMAN FORGIVENESS - Energetically disengaging from an old story; a place of hurt, releasing yourself, the person and the story; shifting fate into destiny. We all have life experiences, it is when these experiences do not suit us that we create a story around the experience because we perceive we have been hurt. We then become the victim, which means we have given our power away to the person who has now become in our eyes the perpetrator; this is how fate is created, because we give our personal power away. You will sit within the sanctuary of Sacred Space and write out your story, then viewing it in your minds eye you will witness the story, going to each person and forgiving them, including yourself, and also asking for their forgiveness, setting the intention for the lesson to reveal itself to you. It is when you find the lesson that you realize the experience was necessary. You will burn the story, honoring the people and setting everything free, when the lesson has revealed itself, you are free to make choices; which sets into motion your destiny.