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Shaman Training Classes
in Charleston, SC


As I look back upon my Shaman Journey, I can now see the signs that have all added up within the jigsaw puzzle of my Destiny. My Destiny within itself is huge and it will keep manifesting itself into bigger and bigger in this Literal World. I have tapped into My Infinite Possibilities (accessed within the Upper World) and now hold it within my Energy System, making possible what seems impossible, nothing is impossible, it is only a word that our Western culture have given us, it is not true or real.


I dedicated myself to this path when it found me, I said, "I will follow you, I give myself to you, do with me as you will; make me, break me, mold me, unmold me. I am yours, take me."


I discarded every single distraction and set forth.

“When Heaven is about to confer A Great Office upon a woman
It first exercises her mind with suffering and her sinews and bones with toil
It exposes her to poverty, and confounds all her undertakings
Then it is seen if she is ready”.   - MOSHI

I stayed true to the path no matter what unfolded.

I belong in the Everything, I am part of the Whole of the Everything, which means I now have access to Being the Everything, and  I hold this space completely in its Totality- I hold it within the Space of The Shaman, The Healer, The Teacher, The Peaceful Warrior.


The Everything has created, downloaded within me a completely new way of tracking, and working within healing procedures. The Everything has grown me past my previous trainings (within my client work).   The Everything created within me access to New Teachings and thus I create them within the community, this is part of my Destiny. The New Teachings do not hold in any way shape or form any previous trainings, information or teachings.


I have stepped into my own Medicine; The Shaman is a Medicine Woman. I have named it “The Newness”, and this is the teaching that I bring to the community.



What is available within The Newness.


Soul Searching and Retrieval

This class is available for healers, therapists, life coaches, addictions counselors, child psychologists, who are already based in client work and possible find themselves wondering, after many sessions, “Why is this client not able to move forward, what is this block that can’t be accessed out of them, why are they stuck, even though reasonable reason has been presented over and over?"


We have many Soul Parts that make up the Complete Soul, and they leave our energy system frequently, leaving us empty and void of many necessary attributes and strengths that assist us in a grounded manner of experiencing this life’s journey with ease. We have experiences that we need to serve, and we need the Complete Whole Soul for these experiences, they are simply experiences, and only that; it when we then take them to a new level of falling into the drama, this is called the Illusion. Our Soul Parts leave for many reasons e.g. Divorce, Attempted Suicide, Lack of Faith/Trust, Persecution, Spiritual Fraud, Betrayal, Loss of Parents, Sexual Abuse, Addictions, Physical Abuse, not Honoring ourselves-giving away our Power.



Our Soul Parts are essential for our well being and wholeness in our life’s journey, to serve each experience. Each Soul Part carries a particular attribute; e.g. Wisdom, Courage, Fortitude, Grace, Healing, Alliance, Power, Nobility, Source, Freedom and much more. Without all of our Soul Parts we are quite depleted, lacking in essential resources that get us from point A to point B, whether it be spiritual or physical.  


A Shaman journeys on behalf of their client to the Other Worlds, The Earth World, The Middle World and the Upper World to locate the missing Soul Part, and then brings it back into Ordinary Reality, (here) and reintroduces it into the energy system of the client.


Within this class you will learn:


  1. How to discern within the verbiage of your client that Soul Parts are missing.

  2. How to bring in The Everything, the Forces and the Worlds that open up to us that we enter into, this is the doorway to the Other Worlds. This is a Shaman’s prayer and the setting of Intention.

    The South - Letting Go and Removal
    The West - Protection and Courage
    The North - Wisdom
    The East - Love  Power and Grace
    Below - The Earth the Mother
    Above - The Sun our Father, The Moon our Grandmother, and The Stars our Brothers and Sisters.

  3. How to protect yourself -a shaman never journeys without protection.

  4. To build a relationship with your Spirit Guide, who will assist you on your journeys.

  5. To journey simply for the sake of journeying with your Spirit Guide, you will learn to establish Trust within yourself for everything that you will experience and see is a Truth.

  6. To journey on behalf of your client to locate the missing Soul Part, and how to bring it back into Ordinary Reality (here).

  7. How to create a dialogue with the Soul Part upon its return into this reality. It has valuable information for the client, its strengths and attributes, and what is needed from the client for healing.

  8. How to reengage it into the client’s energy system.
  9. How to guide the client in supporting their new Soul Part after the session is complete.

  10. How to remove your protection.

  11. How to close the Everything.

Tools required:  A pendulum


Cost $800


If you feel called to this soul searching and retrieval training, please contact me and I will arrange a training schedule for you. This class will require 2 full days for training.