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Charleston, SC


The Illumination

This process releases and combusts toxic energy that is trapped in the chakras and transforms it into light. These energies are psychological and emotional traumas that are engraved in our energy field, and enter our central nervous system. These psychological and emotional traumas are known as imprints and they are negative forces that sweep through our lives repeating events from our past that we have NO CONTROL OVER. When these imprints are erased the negative force of emotions and behaviors are gone, and our immune system is strengthened so physical healing is accelerated.


Solid Extractions

This process removes solid dense negative energy that is living in our bodies. Emotions, thoughts, and feelings such as hate, anger, fear, jealousy, envy and betrayal from OURSELVES and OTHERS settles in the body. They show up in many forms such as knives, spears, chains, rooms in a house, or scenes of a story being played out. If not removed over time these forms of negative energy will cause the physical body pain and illness.

Displaced Human Beings

This process is two fold in its nature. Firstly, it releases discarnate spirits residing in your physical body; a former physical life such as a family member, friend, work associate, or a past life of yours looking for closure and release. Secondly, it releases the energy from a living person that is residing in your energy field. They can slowly derail your life, your dreams, wishes, hopes and goals. These are their unresolved issues within themselves about you, or your unresolved issues within yourself about them.


Spirits / Ghosts

This process releases discarnate spirits that reside outside of the body. They are in our homes and workplaces. They are trapped souls; many are from the Civil War, the Slavery Movement, and the slaughter of the American Indians. Their emotions of confusion, loss, lack of forgiveness, and fear seep into our systems as if they were our own, and we become agitated, angry, frightened, depressed and very unsettled for no rational apparent reason. Friends and family members are also trapped here; the added component is that we may be corded to them. Once released, a form of protection is placed around your home and workplace.

Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval removes a negative contract and reengages the healed soul part into our energy system. These soul parts are vital for our well being and our POWER.

An emotional or physical trauma will cause a soul part to leave our energy system. This soul part is our life force, our vitality that keeps us alive and thriving. During this trauma we also create a negative binding contract or promise, that under normal situations we would never agree to; this contract derails the course of our destiny. The negative contracts / obligations become a reoccurring theme in our lives repeating loss, lack of love betrayal, revenge, jealousy, fear.


Ancestral Wounds

The removal of these limiting beliefs allows you freedom of choice, spontaneity, creativity, joy, love and abundance. Your ancestors limiting beliefs, based out of fear, scarcity, lack of love, hate, betrayal and revenge become your way of living life; they become embedded in your energy system and you have no control over them; they are unconscious to you, and they last for 7 generations.  

Destiny Retrieval

This allows your dreams, desires, and intentions and soul contracts (the ones you co-created with the Universe/Spirit before you incarnated) for your life to be manifest in the physical. Unhealed wounds inhibit your destinies, such as Soul loss, Generational curses, Ancestral wounds and Entities; these negative binding forces stop your destinies from manifesting; you are bound by them so you can’t move forward. All the INTENTION in the world can’t override them. Prior sessions are required for soul retrievals, generational curse and ancestral wound removal, entity removal, and the clearing of your own personal limiting beliefs. Once these wounds are healed and cleared your destinies are accessible, because you are FREED, and CHOICE is possible.

Cord Removal

The removal of these cords frees you from the energetic attachment of others, and you to them, (cords are connecting tubes attached to each others chakras). We unconsciously attach ourselves to each other, whether it be family members, spouses, friends, or work associates; this is a form of co-dependency and control, and we create a bond of an unhealthy need, known as a trauma bond. We set up a dysfunctional triangle of disempowerment, switching between the roles of the controller, the victim, and the rescuer. Our vital energy is drained; we also keep our deceased loved ones trapped in this world.

Once removed we are separate and free, and our vital energy circulating around our system is clear. We are more conscious and awake, stronger, more powerful and our immune system is strengthened.

Soul Flight

This healing sheds the baggage of negative emotions, (such as deep sadness, not wanting to be alive.) and releases you from the trauma of nagging experiences. It cleans the slate and brings you back new.


Forgiveness Journey

This process allows you to FREE yourself and others from any unfinished business, life lessons, conscious or unconscious. The karma and disease are dissolved into light, and you step into seeing the situation from a place of COMPASSION for yourself and others, which allows BLAME and JUDGMENT to also dissolve into light.

Holding on to old stories with other people steeped in Hate, Resentment, Anger and wanting Revenge are distracting, energetically debilitating, and over time hold the possibility to incur illness within the physical body. The journey of our Soul within the human experience is spiritually scripted with our life lessons, our contracts that we chose before our birth. There are certain people we agreed to meet, to have an experience with  to learn our LESSONS and receive our SPIRITUAL GIFTS.

Upper World Journey

This guided journey enables you to meet and talk to the God of your Understanding, the place commonly known as Heaven. It is Pure Light, and “out of time’, therefore our logic, reason and ego are not informing us. This place holds every piece of information within all your incarnations, your past lives, and all your contracts that are serving your journey in this life.  If you are “stuck” within making a decision for your life’s journey, this is the place available to you for spiritual guidance, and assistance. Read more about the Upper World here, and also my 3-week workshop for Shaman Soul.


Working with animals

Everything has a living force around it, animals also hold the potential of carrying unhealed wounds as a result of their past incarnations; these healing procedures also free them from their binding negative forces. I also work with people who are grieving the loss of a pet, more information here.





"Spirit/God is within us, holding the space for our Highest Good. This Eternal Love, a state of bliss, is fully available to us. We as humans have created a separation from this bliss of Spiritual Union. Our Logical minds have trapped us in stories of the World and our Lives. We then engage within the stories which creates suffering. We have to step back for an instance and WAKE UP, disengaging from the World and its stories and re-engaging with Spirit/God. Until we are able to do this we will continually create situations of suffering. We simply choose something else, a re-entry into the Oneness with Spirit/God. "