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~ Climbing Heaven ~
Special Workshop / Class
in Charleston, SC

Connecting with your Higher Self
Celestial Parents

Love connects to higher self



This journey to Heaven is to connect with your Higher Self, Celestial Parents and God. This is the place where Love and Truth are, all you are asked is to let it in. You, The Eternal Light and Love that was created by God lives in Heaven.


We created One right Mind, One Will

The purpose of these connections is to awaken you to the remembering of what you truly are and where you truly are. To open your awareness to your Self and God so you start to hear God's voice in your right mind as he created you.

Awaken my child, learn the Truth, forgive everything
and Come Home

Over 100 million years ago in Heaven, we created one opposing thought to Love and Truth. We innocently wondered, "What would it be like to actually be God himself?" This opposing thought rippled through all of creation and separated our union with God, each other and our One consciousness, our One Will. It was so traumatic for our right mind that it split our right mind into 2 pieces, which created part wrong mind. The effect of this thought rendered ourselves unconscious; we fell asleep and started dreaming. Because we held the thought of wanting to be God, we dreamed our own Universe into being, made our bodies, our separate Will and our Laws of chaos and conflict. Thus we became our own God in our dream.  Along with this event we projected the Ego as our guide; the voice for Fear, and everything that is the opposite to Love and Truth. This was the new union by default in our innocence we made for our decisions, wants, and choices.

It is Our Self that we have been searching and waiting for

No decision want or choice can ever be made alone. They are always made within a union of two. This is a Spiritual Law in Truth. If you are not making them with God,  The Holy Spirit, Heaven; by default in your innocence you are making them with the Ego. Simply change your mind and choose Heaven.

Any act of Love through Forgiveness ripples through all creation and shifts consciousness into Awakening

ChoiceWe unconsciously believe we separated our union with God. In his Love for us, he created the Holy Spirit, this is God's Voice that talks to us as we dream.


To undo this dream we have to get back to complete right mind with our new guide, The Holy Spirit; the voice for Love. We do this by forming relationships with The Holy Spirit, and our Self and letting go of all judgments and forgiving everything that we see. Forgiveness uncovers The Eternal Light and Love that you are and shines away all conflict and ends all dreams. The power of this Light will never fail us.






We listen to your voice and hear what to do to Awaken and come Home

There are many paths to get Home; this path is from A Course in Miracles.

  1. You are gently awakened to a conscious dream state as you avail yourself to hearing Truth and trusting guidance. As you become aware of your Shadow thoughts which create what you see in your world, you can  forgive yourself for what you see.  The Holy Spirit lifts the dark veils surrounding those pieces that you made to cover your Light. These Shadow pieces were made to block out God and The Self, which anchors the dream. Fear was made to hide the Truth. Forgive and fear will disappear, your mind will become quiet and peaceful. The memory of Heaven, the Oneness with God and our Self will be restored to you.

  2. This memory, this knowing of God and the Self that he created you is in your right mind and has always been there. This is forever and unchangeable. We never separated our union with God, we just dreamed we did.  When this knowing is fully remembered  you will experience Enlightenment, which is simply a remembering of what you truly are.

  3. Along your path towards Enlightenment, you will encounter Miracles. A Miracle is a shift in perception through forgiveness. We are One, therefore it is The Christ in your mind through His Vision that shifts your perception. Christ mind never left the Oneness with God. Christ is the Miracle Maker through you.

  4. Though your Forgiveness the Miracles are carried and offer the world Heavens Love. Forgiveness is the dwelling place of Miracles.

  5. FAITH is then introduced into your mind as you witness what your forgiveness brings, it shows you the value of your forgiveness.

  6. You will  be returned to Heaven, through a process called The Atonement. This God does for you at the end of your dream journey. It will occur when you have a full knowing and have allowed your Self to receive the Love of God, the Love for your Self and all of creation and have forgiven all your Shadow pieces that you see and let go of every single Illusion that you thought was real.

As The Atonement is brought in by God, you will be lifted into Heaven and you will look back to see the dream and know you only lost your way for an instant. God corrected this apposing thought within the instant we thought it.

The Journey to your Home and where You are

A Course In MiraclesYou will be guided on a journey to the Ancestral Plain, the Fourth Tier of The Upper World. There you will meet your Celestial Parents, who have known your Soul through every single dream incarnation past, present and future. You will spend some time with them. Initially sitting in quietness. Make this your personal spiritual retreat space, when you need to get out of the Illusion World. This quietness will start to fill you with a remembrance of what you truly are and where you truly are.


They will guide you on what to let go of in your dream; what is outdated and does not serve you anymore. You will receive guidance on how to receive, preparing you for the opening of your Self and the allowing of the remembrance of the Love of God to enter in.

Love comes whenever it is called

You will then ask them to take you to God. You will journey one more level up, and there you will find yourself in front of God. Simply touch the face of God and open yourself to LOVE. Spend as much time as you need. Request to God you have come to meet your Higher Self.


When God knows you are ready, your Higher Self will be presented to you. You are now looking at what you truly are; a thought of God, in which he added his Spirit and  then added his Love, which gave you Eternal Life in Heaven. Sit with your Self; create a relationship with your Self, a sanctuary of beauty and Love. Upon completion of your journey you will be guided gently back to the Earth plain.

Heaven's Truth:

There will come a day when you will reach a place in your mind where you can stop searching in this world for what you think you want, and let ALL of CREATION be as it was created and intended by GOD.


We are already Everything - This was given to us when God created us. We just have to Awaken to this remembering.


Please Contact Chi if you are interested in this special workshop!


Cost: $50
Contact: Chi  843-270-3814