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The Ascension, The Great Shift
Workshops & Classes in Charleston, SC


It is the time for us to start the process of our Ascension within The Great Shift, and put aside our misconception that we are alone and separate. (This is an ancient misbelief that needs to be collectively undone.) Our unconscious thinking in this manner holds a dark veil over the World. We are the ones that will consciously create The Great Shift; the shifting of our Shadow fear-based unconsciousness which is the 3rd dimension, this Literal World, to our Light and Love based heart consciousness, the 4th and 5th dimensions, our symbolic knowing of how to be, because this is what we TRULY are. Our personal healing (no matter how small it may seem) ripples through every single mind and heals others. As others heal, it heals us. As we heal we thus in turn heal others. As we receive we gladly give, a Law of Creation. Love always extends itself, and in turn as we give we shall receive.


The following workshops focus on different aspects of The Ascension. Please contact Chi if you are interested in any of these!


The Ascension - The Great Shift Workshops




A relationship is a merging for a predestined amount of time of two Souls for a specific spiritual purpose. If done in alignment with spiritual guidance, it plays itself out for the greater good of both individuals. It then becomes a Holy relationship. If not done with spiritual guidance of its spiritual purpose, it will fall into an Ego driven nightmare; it then becomes an unholy relationship.


There is always a Spiritual Directive to the purpose of our meeting people, whether it is for friendships or intimate relationships. Without this knowing of its spiritual directive, we enter into these relationships with the Ego’s fixed agenda, ideas, hopes and longtime dreams. All goes well for a while, because the Ego is a trickster, and makes it look like all is well and we are getting exactly what we thought we wanted. Then, when the other individual of either concern starts not operating in alignment with the Ego’s agenda the nightmares start to creep in very deeply.

In short, you can save yourself much unneeded sadness and discontent, if you simply connect with its spiritual purpose. There are some people we meet and we are not supposed to be in relationship with them and if the Ego takes hold of you, you enter into a path of complete madness and may become enemies. This is the Ego’s greatest triumph and will keep you unconsciously bound and not able to Awaken, because you loose sight of your Self.

The spiritual guidance needed is accessed from the Upper World, Heaven.  


You will be guided on a journey to the Ancestral Plain, the 4th tier of the Upper World, where you will connect with your Celestial Parents. (Please visit Upper World page under Journeys for additional information). It is here that you can ask valuable questions for your right alignment along your earthly journey.


  1. Am I aligned with a relationship with said individual?

  2. What is the True Purpose of this relationship?

  3. What is this relationship for?

Coming back down to earth, we will sit in quite, holding this directive. It is best to write it down, so you do not lose sight of the guidance, or distort it in forgetting. You then say:



This statement shoots right up to Heaven. The "I" is the collective right mind consciousness, as you have surrendered any lower self will and stepped into Heaven's guidance for your path. You are setting the right scene for the relationship, within its divine purpose. You are then aligned to your Higher Self’s Will, which is ONE with God’s/Spirit’s.


If you lose sight of its spiritual purpose and start to wander off with your old ideas, all you have done is momentarily lost connection with your Higher Self. You will know you have done this because you will become confused and conflicted in your thoughts and actions. Do not worry, with right guidance you always get back to your right path. Ask your Higher Self (which is the voice of God/Spirit) to see it for you and choose to become right aligned again. You and God/Spirit are the director of your decisions, not the Ego.




Love is an expression of our True Self. This Love is the Higher Self, our Right Minds, our Soul which is always connected with Spirit/God. This is how our Creator communicates with us in the Literal Earth World. To be able to hear and listen to guidance, we have to form a relationship with our Higher Self. It is within this relationship of communication that the Higher Self can slowly undo the Ego’s voice which sets us up in traps and keeps us unconscious. A part of this undoing is learning how to recognize these Ego traps. Our Ego creates Illusions, which turn into distractions, more commonly known as temptations; one large component of distractions is our attachment to things. Our Ego, our Wrong Mind has the capacity to lead us towards pain, where as The Higher Self has the capacity to lead us to Love. The Ego’s greatest fear is that it will be annihilated; as we start to awaken we see something is clearly not right.


Our Ego creates these Illusions to confuse us; which keeps itself theoretically alive in the 3rd dimension. It keeps us bound in a state of unreal Nothingness, because everything we project with the Ego voice is not real, therefore it is nothing. The essence of our attachments therefore brings us nothing. This unconscious void we are trying to fill here in never filled.

 Earthly Ego Time and Heavenly Higher Self are in our Minds. Which one we choose to listen to is how we experience ourselves and the world. When you grasp the totality of this TRUTH, you can let go of filling the unconscious void and the gathering of “things” called attachments. Symbolic Love is all we are searching for; it is the foundation of Everything. All that we truly are is Eternal Light and Love, our bodies and this World are all an Illusion. From our Higher Self we receive love, joy, peace, a healed state, tranquility, calm and satisfaction. It is in our Right Minds, accessed through a connected relationship with our Higher Self, our Soul. We simply exchange our attachments for something more, a connection to our Inner Love for ourselves that over time completely fills us.


We have reached a place in our evolution where we need to place our attention on the inside of us, this is our Light and all that is real; this is for those who choose to Ascend to the 4th and 5th dimensions within The Great Shift. Our Ego voice takes years to undo, and we need constant reminding of our continual forgiveness work for our Ascension. (This is the quickest way to undo the Ego). We project our Shadow pieces into the World, therefore in any seeming disturbance we forgive ourselves for we projected what we see.

There are many Souls that selflessly chose to stay in their Shadow pieces to remind us to forgive ourselves. This is Love in its truest form, we honor these Soul’s with gratitude. It is best not to judge anyone; they may be your gift to assist you along your path in your Ascension to the 4th and 5th dimensions. 

We will sit in Sacred Space and you will be guided on a journey to the Upper World (please visit Upper World page for more info) to meet Spirit/God, your Creator. Sit a while with your Creator and bathe in the beauty of such immense Love. You will then be guided to meet your Higher Self, your Soul. From this point is becomes your own personal journey. You mayask if you choose to be filled with a willingness to surrender your orchestrating of your life and to allow your Higher Self to guide you. You can askfor the perception of your lower self will which negatively decides your needs to be undone, and asking for your Higher Self to choose and decide for you; placing trust where it will be honored.


A mantra to carry with you along your path to awakening.

Beyond this searching here on the outside of me, there is something more satisfying I choose to see it now, instead if this. It is inside of me and has always been there.  




Learn how to clear, clean and maintain your chakra system, removing emotions, entities and cords. 

A clear chakra system is highly essential to our well being; it is our engine that supports everything. Any negative force of energy will enter our chakras, parts of the negative energy will be deposited into our central nervous system, and then will settle in vulnerable and weak areas of our body. This causes us emotional turmoil, physical pain, and over time illness; these negative forces of energy also hold themselves in our energetic field outside of our body, and this negative energy informs the Universe to what we will experience in our daily life.

What needs to be cleared?

(a) Emotions: Our conscious and unconscious negative self thoughts and emotions that have deposited physic debris in our chakras. This physic debris slows down the natural spinning rhythm, which makes us un-balanced, fatigued, and depressed and also does not allow the essential elements in, that supply nourishment to our immune system.

(b) Entities: A negative thought from someone else about us can instantaneously deposit an entity within our chakras, causing us immediate depression, and a range of emotions such as: anger, guilt, jealousy, hate and confusion. These emotions are from the entity, the other person, but it will appear they are ours. Entities have the power to completely take over our life decisions and actions; they will rule us. (Please see Entities in “Healing Procedures” for more information).

(c) Cords: A co-dependent or controlling relationship on any level can create a connecting tube (cord) to our chakras, draining our energy and misinforming us, we are now living with the negative emotions of the other person.
We have to be able to be free from other peoples negative informing energy, so then we only experience our emotions, which is our personal Soul’s Journey; then we can choose for ourselves; this is how we manifest our dreams and our destinies.



SHAMAN AWAKENING - The Ascension within The Great Shift is calling us all to WAKE UP to what we are. We are Eternal Light and Love, a thought form created by Spirit/God. We are connected to Spirit/God and every thought form that was created; therefore we are One, One Mind. It is absolutely impossible that we can be separated from each other or Spirit/God. We have entrapped ourselves in a misinterpretation that we are separate and this seeming separation was so traumatic that we became unconscious and we fell asleep.

We are now in an unconscious dream state believing that we separated ourselves from Spirit/God. We then created further separation by projecting individual bodies with identities and names into the World. This is how we created our Shadow, our Ego. From this seeming separation came Guilt, Hate, Blame, Judgment, Fear, Control, Pride and Revenge. In all these Shadow pieces are our own unconscious Grievances with ourselves (over the seeming separation) that we project into the World. Our Grievances are our Shadows that block us from seeing the Light and Love in others and ourselves, and block us from waking up.  

We will sit in Sacred Space with eyes closed bringing up in your minds eye the person you have the most difficulty with, the one who has hurt or betrayed you the most. You will review in your mind all their faults and failings. Upon completion you will now look upon this person knowing that they are simply a reflection of you. With all their Shadow pieces that you have reviewed, you can forgive them what they really have not done, honoring them for showing you yourself. This is how you heal within The Ascension of The Great Shift, and then simply forgiving yourself for all these faults. You will then look upon them and ask to see their true essence which is Eternal Light and Love. Our natural state which is Eternal Light and Love holds no grievances and always forgives. A mantra to carry with you for anything that seemingly disturbs you, Let Love replace all Grievances, and forgive yourself for everything you witness, because it is a reflection of you.



SHAMAN REMEMBERING - It is the time for us to start the process of our Ascension within The Great Shift, and put aside our misconception that we are alone and separate. (This is an ancient misbelief that needs to be collectively undone.) Our unconscious thinking in this manner holds a dark veil over the World. We are the ones that will consciously create The Great Shift; the shifting of our Shadow fear-based unconsciousness which is the 3rd dimension, this Literal World, to our Light and Love based heart consciousness, the 4th and 5th dimensions, our symbolic knowing of how to be, because this is what we TRULY are. Our personal healing (no matter how small it may seem) ripples through every single mind and heals others. As others heal, it heals us. As we heal we thus in turn heal others. As we receive we gladly give, a Law of Creation. Love always extends itself, and in turn as we give we shall receive.

So how can we do our part within a collective union to assist our Ascension in The Great Shift?
We have to unlearn what we believe to remember what we have merely forgotten. It is in the undoing of our Shadow pieces that the veil of darkness is lifted, and underneath them will rise all that we are which is complete Light and Love. The symbolic meaning to remember is to restore your mind to what is already there. When you awaken you will exchange knowledge for perception.

I offer these tools and principles to carry with you along your daily awakening.


  1. Create a daily connection of a symbolic nature with Spirit/God and your Higher Self; this will bring you to stillness and quiet. This shifts our thought of being alone, because we have know created a union with Source, it moves us from this 3rd dimension Ego voice into the 5th dimension Higher Self/Soul voice, which is how Spirit/God talks to us.

  2. Select a friend whom you can share your Shadow pieces with, who will hold a space of sanctuary for you. This will bring the Shadow into the Light, so the Illusion of its power will fade. (Be gentle with yourself)

  3. Take an account of your daily negative thoughts, e.g. blame and judgment; forgive yourself for these thoughts. Forgiveness is the hugest and quickest way to awaken.

  4. I will explain how to look for Ego traps, and that salvation/peace from all disturbances can’t be found in this World. These two themes keep you unconscious; they lead you away from awakening to consciousness.

We will sit in the sanctuary of Sacred Space and say: To give and to receive are one under The Laws of Creation, I will receive what I am giving now. To everyone I offer Joy, Peace, Rest, Love, Gentleness, Spirit-full Abundance. (If you choose this can be a mantra to assist you on your journey).

You will then be guided on a Journey to The Upper World, (please visit page for additional information), where you will meet your Celestial Parents, who will take you to Spirit/God. Spend time with your Creator, and feel the Love and Peace that is gladly extended to you. Ask Spirit/God to take you to meet your Higher Self. This is your Complete Self that never incarnated into time. Sit and be with your Complete Self and let your own personal experience unfold.
We hold the power within this Union with our Higher Self to eventually heal any disturbance. We do it one Shadow thought with forgiveness at a time.  



SHAMAN LOVE - We were all created by Spirit/God, as a thought form of Spirit/God. We are a union of thought forms within One Mind. We are Eternal Light and Love. We have a belief, a misinterpretation that we separated ourselves from Spirit/God. This seeming separation created a New Thought Form. This is where we created The Ego, our Shadow. It is called The Shadow because everything the Ego encompasses is the complete opposite of our Eternal Light and Love, our One Mind, and the Laws of Creation. This is how we created a Split Mind, our Shadow our Ego. Most of us are unconscious; this state gives permission for the Ego to be the voice we most clearly hear. It shouts out and covers the voice of Spirit/God that talks to us within our Higher Self.  WE are Eternal Light and Love; this is the ONLY thing that is REAL.  


To wake up we have to make a CHOICE, we have to recognize the voice of our Ego and these Shadow parts of us that we project into the World, and infuse them back into us with Love, because Love is all that we are. Within The Ascension of The Great Shift we hold the responsibility of healing our Shadow pieces, because we individually created them.  We have to become mindful of our thoughts which will then change our actions. This mindfulness assists in lifting the veil of darkness in the World.  There is NO FEAR, because The Shadow is not REAL, it is the ILLUSION that we created.  


To break free from our Illusions we have to first recognize our Shadow pieces. We will sit in Sacred Space with eyes closed and look back upon our life to find the patterns and themes of our Shadow pieces. Were we the martyr, the victim, the people pleaser, the controller? Did we judge, hate or blame, are we holding resentment or revenge. We then set the intention to release these old ways of how we thought and interacted in our lives. This is where we choose to change our thought patterns of the Ego voice, not to project them into the World. We will honor and thank all these Shadow pieces for how they served our lives. We are Eternal Light and Love, therefore we hold all the Laws of Creation and there is nothing that can surpass this power of Love. To heal our Shadow we simply bring it back into us. Love holds no opposition, it extends itself to everything. Our healing affects every single mind which creates The Great Shift. There is nothing to Fear, these Shadow pieces are not real, they are the Illusion we created; they are meaningless and have no power.



SHAMAN CHANGE - Within our collective unconscious, most of us are holding fear within a belief of being guilty. This thought, this belief, holds a deeper unconscious fear that we are going to be judged and punished for our actions. This is a piece of the Collective Shadow that needs to be healed through forgiveness. This fear, this belief is of the 3rd dimension, the Ego’s voice, it is the Literal World that taught us this. We were also taught not to Trust each other, the deeper unconscious fear being held here is that we will be hurt, or lose something we value. We also start controlling which inhibits Love. These are unconscious hidden Shadow forms of a belief system that slip out of us in our daily lives and cause us to suffer in many forms.


None of these Shadow pieces are REAL or TRUE, they are an Illusion from the Ego. What we unconsciously hold and believe about ourselves determines the experience we will have with life. Within this evolutionary time of The Great Shift we are being called to step into our Personal Power of Choice. We have to change our minds; one thought at a time, by doing this we shift our false beliefs of what we are. This is how we undo the Shadow pieces of the collective unconscious; the false self we made, which enables us to experience peace. Do not worry, these Shadow pieces are of the Ego, which are not REAL, they are a projected Illusion from our Wrong Mind. They are simply a thought that needs to be changed. A changed Mind sees only peace.

Our Higher Self, our Complete Self, our Soul is available to heal us, to show us how to change our minds, by forgiving ourselves and everything we see. It is our Right Mind; it is the only thing that is REAL, and it holds complete Truth and Love for us, because it is what we are, which is Eternal Light and Love.

We have no limitations, we only have to know and believe this; which will move us to the 4th and 5th dimensions; this is our Ascension. Our symbolic Love is yearning to be expressed into the World. Our Right Mind thoughts which create our beliefs hold the foundation of ALL OUR POWER, to be a healed body, peaceful, safe, loving, joyful, and at peace.


You will be guided on a Journey to The Upper World, (please visit page for additional information) to meet your Celestial Parents, who will take you to Spirit/God. You will encounter such a peace, a Love, an overwhelming joy. This is a reflection of what you Truly are. Any Shadow thoughts that enter your mind, forgive them. Spirit/God does not have to forgive you, he sees only what is True and Real, which is your Light and Love, your perfection. Spirit/God does not see Shadow because it in not Real or True. Spirit/God made us to create in eternity; we just have to remember this. Ask to be filled with this remembrance and ask to want it, because we have forgotten what our true function is. In Truth you are innocent; you are only dreaming in an unconscious sleep state. Love is not capable of anything but Love; that is what you are. It is the Love inside of you, your Higher Self that is calling you to awaken. Any perceived wrongs are simply an error in thought; self forgiveness, allows The Higher Self to undo them.

Spirit/God will then take you to meet your Higher Self. This is the complete essence of what you are. From this point it then becomes your personal experience.

Your Higher Self will teach you how not to look upon yourself with condemnation by learning how not to see it in others first. Over time it will awaken you from all your Illusions, which will allow you to remember what you truly are. It will guide you to what is Truth; to reestablish your own Will, which is the one Spirit/God gave you. You can ask your Higher Self to shift your perception of yourself; this is the undoing of the Ego Beliefs. Your Higher Self can guide you to avoid pain and suffering. Ask, it is given, and then simply follow this Right Mind Voice. Your Higher Self will lead out of Fear and into everything that is Truth and Love.  Making a decision to form a relationship with your Higher Self is how you awaken, the Ascension within The Great Shift; it is a reflection of your willingness to Love.


These consistent journeys lift the veils of darkness from our Wrong Minds, and lets the Love and Light that is behind them be the thoughts that we hold, which turn into beliefs, because we now hear and listen to our Higher Self, our Soul which is our Right Mind.  We then start to consciously hold Trust for ourselves and others, because we are moving out of the 3rd dimension into a large state of Love, which are the 4th and 5th dimensions.




How we accept is how we allow ourselves to receive; a key component to awakening. Grace is always with us, it is the ACCEPTANCE of the Love of Spirit/God.