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About Chi, The Shaman
Natural Energy Healing in Charleston, SC


My name is Chi, and this is the story about my path. At the tender age of 6 years, I asked myself a question: If Jesus came would I go with him? - I answered yes. My Soul at 32 years asked another question: If Jesus came would I let go of every single attachment and follow him? - I answered yes. This opened up the path of my Soul's purpose this journey; to awaken into enlightenment by releasing the attachments which are the all encompassing thoughts in my dreaming mind, which show me my world and my life. These are the veils which cover The Thought of God and all that encompasses. This is my path back into the Union in The Oneness of God.


The opening of my mind at 32 years gave me the ability to see a person's past and future, the knowing of a person's thoughts in my presence. It furthered itself, to see in my mind the nature of events playing out with people not even in my sight. The gateways to Universal Consciousness had opened.


At 38 years I was led to Reiki; after my master attunement my conscious mind was even further opened to higher gateways. Upon closing my eyes, my inner vision showed all the other worlds. I sat in Sacred Space daily for 8 months, and was taken on hundreds of journeys opening me up to work within the endless stream of realms in Shamanism. A natural flow of events led me to be trained at The Four Winds Society. Within 6 months of client work within that training I had out grown it. Spirit then stepped in and brought me into my own medicine, which continually grows. I was given an additional name  I am The Wind, The Wind I am.


There were large healing pieces within my family; my Soul agreement in Heaven's Love. 6 years later, once all the pieces were cleared on the outside, then I turned to my inside. Whatever it is, We come here to Heal, to find Our Self and Return Home.


My journey is not about What I do, it is about what I am becoming, which then is what I do.


Having received my purpose I now walk it. I came to this life to find The Truth, and I offer that to all who are called to me. I joined with the Light, known as Jesus, he walked the Way, because the Truth is the Way, so he now shows me. I am the same as him; we are both The Children of God, We are All The Children of God. We Were All Created Equal.


Schedule an Appointment or Training

I have a Private practice in Charleston, SC. I am available to see clients Mon-Sun 9am-6pm. I also work via phone for long distance sessions. My fee is $85 per hour. Typically a session will run from 2 - 2 1/2 hours.


I also offer Shaman trainings from my New Teachings. These New Teachings do not hold in any way shape or form any previous teachings, trainings or information.


For appointments please call 843-270-3814 or email



When we view this world with Spirit, we can create a sweeter journey for ourselves.