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What is Shamanism?


Shamanism is the oldest spiritual healing known to civilization, dating back 40,000-100,000 years. The term Shaman was brought from the Tungustic language of Siberia. My Shamanism training is based from the Q’uero, the last descendants from the Inka Lineage of Shamans in South America.


What are we?
How are we comprised within our anatomy?


We are an energy system attached to our bodies by seven chakras; swirling disks of energy that link to our spine and the central nervous system. We are not our bodies, they are here so we can have an earthly experience, and without our bodies we would be known as "ghosts / free roaming spirits." Our energy system is an invisible matrix that consists of four layers, the outermost layer stores our energy that fuels our physical body (our aches and pains are held here), the second layer stores our energy that sustains our emotional and mental needs (our limiting beliefs, lack of trust and our fears from ourselves and our ancestors are held here), the third layer stores our energy for our Psyche and our Soul (our Soul loss whether it be parts of fragments are held here), the last layer closest to the skin stores our energy for our Spiritual needs (our disconnection from Spirit is held here). Within this four layered matrix is stored every single memory of our life and past lives, from emotional pain to trauma, joy to bliss.


The Shaman's focus is within the emotional pain and traumas; these are known as imprints. These imprints are a coded set of criteria with instruction that compels us to recreate similar situations of negative behaviors, dysfunctional relationships, continual accidents, and repeated events of loss, scarcity, betrayal, deep emotional hurts and the lack of ability to truly be available to love ourselves. The information contained in these imprints, which are stored in our four layers of energy enter our seven chakras which then organize our physical and emotional world compelling us to experience emotions such as fatigue, depression, hate, anger, fear, and loss. The imprint itself then organizes our energy field, which then organizes matter, thus drawing these situations and events into our lives again.


 What to expect from a session

We will discuss your issue and bring it into 1 or 2 core sentences. I will then track your energy system. Tracking means I SEE the hidden and controlling events / emotions that occurred, how they are holding you, and the healing procedures necessary to restore your energy system and bring it back into balance, pertaining to the issue at hand. Five minutes of deep breathing to release and combust the toxic energies trapped in your chakras due to the issue. I then work with the healing procedures needed to bring your energy system back into balance. Completion of the healing is an Illumination. All 7 chakras are filled with Pure Light, this clears the karma and disease associated from the trauma. Most clients require at least 2 - 2 1/2 hours for the first session. The client is always in control of their process, and I ask permission before doing anything within your energy system.



"WE have to ALL WAKE UP and tell our TRUTH. We have to clean up our Path - Surfacing and healing our Secrets, conscious and unconscious. The deeper we all go, we then are in a space of availability for the unconscious to surface, it is stunning to find what is hidden, deep keys to unlock what is HOLDING us, which sets us in motion to experience FREEDOM, and truly living within the NOW. We need to challenge OUR THOUGHTS, and not DODGE our LESSONS, ‘BE BRAVE’, WE need to challenge our DISTRACTIONS, and ultimately LEAVE BEHIND no UNFINISHED BUSINESS. What we do not heal in this life; WILL come with us in the NEXT LIFE."