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The Shaman - Chi,
Energy Medicine in Charleston

A Gathering of Souls, a study in practice of A Course In Miracles, scribed by The Foundation For Inner Peace For more details click here.

Climbing Heaven - An introduction to The Course In Miracles, with an Upper World - Heaven guided journey.  For more details click here.



The Shaman's Role

Our energy system needs to be maintained and clean; we have teeth, so we go to a dentist, and we all have an energy system so we go to a Shaman. This maintenance of healing has been in existence for at least 40,000 years. It was the Shamans that kept each community well, thriving and in balance, it is the balance that keeps everything in "right relationship" with nature/the universe, which allows a positive FLOW, and all things come, because they are given by the Universe / Spirit, because we are in right relationship with EVERYTHING including OURSELVES

There is more than this reality that we see in the universe. Shamans have been given the innate ability to journey on behalf of the client to these others realities. They are known as non-ordinary realities, and they are beyond that which is normally perceived by our 5 senses. Shamans work in these non ordinary realities, known as the Underworld, Lower World, Middle World and Upper World. I have received teachings, along with my innate ability, and know how to interact within these non ordinary realities known as the other worlds; how to receive information, and work within the guidance given which enables the Shaman to REORGANIZE and bring the energy system back into balance pertaining to the issue being worked with.  


A Shaman acts as a mediator between the worlds, to keep the community in balance. When there is NO BALANCE, THINGS DO NOT THRIVE.  A Shaman journeys on behalf of the client to transform and shift what is holding and binding the energetic system. Our energy system holds every piece of information, healed and unhealed; every memory of our past lives. This is the blueprint of our system, a computer chip of set criteria and instruction, and this imbalance of our unhealed wounds and memories inform our DNA and our cells; it determines our CHOICES and our HEALTH.


We carry many unhealed events that we are not conscious of and are predisposed to their nature; these unhealed events keep repeating themselves from one life time to another, we are BOUND by them; thus we will only attract for our life what our unhealed energy system is holding. It is the Shaman's role to heal the imbalance of negative informing forces. It is your role to receive the healings, in their perfect completeness; then healing is attained, bringing the coding system back into balance. Balance is essential; it creates right relationship with the universe, which in turn creates a natural order of positive flow. THIS IS A COSMIC TRUTH.

This healing modality heals issues at the very core of them; the first stage, where they came into being. The second stage is the problem / issue at hand; it is the problem that alerts you that something deeper is going on, the Shaman has the natural ability to track, locate, to find the original source, where it came into being. It is an emotional issue or event that over time created the problem. Shamanism heals the original wound, the core, modern medicine fixes the problem.


When you have sufficiently cleared away your wounded binding past (the debris) then you are able to connect with your Soul’s purpose and journey; our chakras are clear and spinning freely, drawing in all life force-energy necessary for overall well being; this energy-force is accessed from Nature, Air, Water, Plants, Animals, and Spirit. It is at this point that you are able to hear the guidance, those voices that sweetly propel us within alignment to the reasons why we incarnated into this life; the lessons, the journey giving our Soul the opportunity to experience a deeper level along the Path to Enlightenment.